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The Fruit Of Islam

The Fruit Of Islam

What is the meaning of F.O.I.?

The Fruit of Islam; the name given to the military training of the men that belong to Islam in North America.

The responsibility of the F.O.I. is that of a head of house: protection, provision, and maintenance of the Nation of Islam (all Original People). The F.O.I. are militant in the sense that our operations are done as a unit (latin: mili - meaning "one"). Militant comes from a Latin root, militare, which means "to serve as a soldier". Soldier has a root, again Latin, solidus, meaning solid.

"Belong" means "to be owned by". For over 400 years we "belonged" to our slavemasters and their children, but now with the Revelation of Allah (God) to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we are returned to Him who created us, and therefore we belong to Allah (God) alone, whose nature is the same as ours, called Islam.

All Men and boys must Join the F.O.I.! Don't be slow!

Become a brave fighter for Allah (God) and your people! Fighting isn't always with the fist, the fight we have before us today is for the total liberation of our people from a system that has, historically, been opposed to our freedom, justice, and equality.

Whatever your arena of battle is, be it literary, financial, political, cultural, or physical, JOIN the F.O.I. and make your mark on the path of our liberation. We are at war, a unique war for the very heart and soul of a people.

Quick Moving, Fast Thinking, Right Down to the Modern times!
What does it take to represent oneself as a positive, authoritative force for our people?
Number one is moral superiority.

An F.O.I. is respectful to all regardless of color, class, or creed. He is honest, and hardworking, never considering crime as an alternative nor encroaching on another man or woman's right to peace.

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